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The Rise of Political Polarization in America

“As the journalism industry seeks to reinvent itself to contend with emerging competitors, it may sacrifice more of its reputability. That would be a detriment, not just for the American political system but for the electorate at large.”

The Future of Political Prot-est in Russia After Alexei  Navalny’s Arrest

“Although Russia has further tarnished its international reputation through the attempted assassination and subsequent imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, it has achieved its most crucial goal—silencing dissidents while avoiding the ire of the Russian populace.”

Can Anime and Manga make Japan a Global Superpower?

” Not only did MOFA’s 2000s soft power campaigns lack detailed planning, but also the accountability and bilateral communication that was necessary for a comprehensive soft power strategy. “

Why was Stoicism so popular in Rome?

“Stoicism’s advocacy for inner detachment rather than non-involvement makes it an attractive intellectual outlet for those who are still unwilling or unable to let go of wealth and power.”

August 25, 2021

The Legacy of Eureka: Riot or Revolution?

“Having common heritage is unifying, and for a country that is not rich in dramatic historical events, seekers of tradition were able to tailor the story of Eureka to justify their desired ideological narratives.”

August 11, 2021